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The manager said she and Kristina would talk with us. Instead we waited some five minutes before I went up, and just Kristina talked with us, claiming she was the manager and not giving any names of higher ups (we asked who her boss was). Suspicious, no? She was smug, too, and acted like a control freak. Excerpt:

K: "Maybe you don't -remember- me saying--" (something or other about how I was supposed to cancel, which she never said before.)
Me: "No."
K: "-Yes-." (insert her doing nodding motions here like talking to a moron)
Me: "Um, -no-."

There were also these gems:

K: "And how are you today?" (All smiles.)
Me: "Not so good." (Evident by how pissed I looked.

(Apparently after I left)
Mom: You knew. And you're going to get some calls.
K: It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

I mean, we're talking bottom of the barrel "I HATE YOU" 'politeness'.

Also: The company policy demands that cancellation be submitted in writing. Kristina claims she cancelled it, but on the way out, not trusting her, I went back in to get it in writing. The only real good thing she did? Showed me she -had- cancelled it for me in the computer, and wrote on the cancellation sheet that no further attempts at collection of fees should be made.

On the to-do list is to file a BBB report so that this stays on their record, to call the higher ups and write them to let them know we were there at all and why, and of course, to remind everyone here that the moment one of your female friends says, "I want to join a gym," you go, "Don't join Shapes Total Fitness."

All in all we went from being overcharged 181 dollars to being overcharged 104 dollars, so that is some consolation in an otherwise extremely irritating glob of crap.

She knew how much money I had. She knew exactly how much time I wanted and that I specified just that time. She knew I didn't have a job. Aaaand she screwed me over.

Also worth mention is a piece of paper she pretended to know nothing about. It was a kind of receipt/record thing that said $52 and one month remaining (to pay). And apparently it is invisible, long since destroyed, and now lives with the loch ness monster. The contract itself never specifies an end date, so as to make it easy to screw you over with evidence that makes it LOOK legit.

Other shit happened that didn't quite add up, but I don't remember everything now. However, my mom was recording the coversation and, assuming her pocketbook didn't muffle everything terribly, we can always review it.

So yes.



Edit: Wait, why am I friends-locking this? Argh, habit.


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